POWER switch-Prress this button to turn on or off the unit.
MIC INPUT jacks(MIC 1-2)-these are found at the lower left side of the front panel.
Connect the microphones to the unit through these jacks.
MICL EVEL control-adjusts the volume of the microphones
MICL EVEL control-controls the echo levels of MIC1 and MIC2
MIC and MIC have four choices :50ms;100ms;2000ms
KARAOKE on/off button-press this button to turn the mic function on/off
EQ on/off button-press this button to burn the equalizerfuncton on/off
SURROUND on/off button=press this button to turn the surround speakers on/off
BASS control-adjusts the bass output level of the speakers
MIDDLE control-adjuststhe midrange outputlevel of the speakers
TREBLE control-adjusts the sound balance between the left & right speakers
MASTER VOLUME control-controls the volume level of speaks
INPUT selector-point selector to the device you are going to use. LOUNDNESS button-enhances the treble and bass sounds for emphasis
SPEAKER selector use this to select what speakers to use between A and B
Miske sure that the volume is turned to minium and that all the need ed connections
Are secure before fuming the power of your amplifier on
Turn on the power of AC-520Atogether with the other components
The choiles of input fan ctcme are VCD,TUNER,TAPE,CD,respetime in at the same time when totos wolwme tamloud,the frequeney be comes of feremy
Adjust the volume balance,bass,middle and tredle sounds until desired sound levelis achieved
If a Graphic Equalizer is connected to the Amplifier,Push the EQ button to turn the equalizer
Functoin on/off Adjust the equalizer until the desired sound levelis achieved
Connect the microphones to Mic jacks when heeded.Don’t for get to push the karaoke on/off button to tum the Mic funcion on/off
Adjust the Mic level and Echo against the music source
Sit dow,relax and enjoy singing or listening to your favorite tune or watching your favorite movie with AV-568
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